Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a simple, time-honored technique. It helps reduce stress and increase wellness. It brings better focus and helps people become more centered and better balanced. Anyone can do it.

It’s also free.

The Meditative State

True Meditation has been associated with the idea of learning about the self and discovering the path to self-realization,  in many cultures and traditions throughout history.   A person who meditates, is often portrayed as someone who is in harmony with one’s own true nature and is peaceful within. 

It is said that self-realization is achieved when an inner energy,  which is present in every human being and often referred to as Kundalini in Sanskrit scriptures, is awakened.

The path to achieve the awakening of this inner energy was illuminated by a lady named Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who founded Sahaja Yoga.  For more than 40 years, she traveled all over the world, offering self-realization and knowledge to all who sought answers to the deepest questions.

This spiritual awakening which follows self-realization,  lifts the attention above the thoughts and allows one to be in the present moment, thoughtless, silent and aware.


Experience it Now

You can experience self-realization by following the instructions given by Shri Mataji in the video below

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