How does it work?

“How does meditation work?” or “how do I meditate?” are the questions which are often heard in the circles of those who try to experience this ancient and mystic state of meditation.

For the majority of us, meditation is not something that we can define or conceive. And rightfully so! Meditation, being the state of “thoughtless awareness” is an experience and is beyond the mind, as we cannot define through our mind the taste of a mango before tasting it as least once. The state of meditation is above our thoughts, it has to happen spontaneously, and it has to happen on its own volition…

subtle systemLuckily, inside each of us there already exists a system through which this spontaneous awakening can happen. The knowledge about the subtle system of energies that govern, regulate and manage our being has been a well guarded secret for centuries. Consisting of seven major energy centers, often called“chakras” and three channels, this system is the key to own well-being, happiness and self-realization. It is also a root of all our problems, be it physical emotional or mental. Yet, a more precious secret was the knowledge about that which is hidden at the base or own spinal cord, silently awaiting the moment to rise, enlighten us, and grant us all our inner beauty, power and strength – the event defined as an ultimate achievement of a human being in all ancient scriptures. This secret is an energy, it is called by many names but it is most frequently termed “Kundalini” (from Sanskrit“kundal” – meaning “coil”).kundalinibig

Kundalini has been done very rarely and to a selected few, who have ardently desired to realize their inner potential and to become enlightened. The knowledge of how to awaken this energy only belonged to a few teachers, who selected their students through a rigorous process and subjected them to all sorts of tests and ordeals so that their inner being is cleansed and their kundalini energy awakens. It was a difficult path indeed.

Yet, the greatest gift of modern times is that an easier way of awakening this energy has been found. It has become effortless and simple to receive this awakening, often called as “self-realization”Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, has developed a simple technique by which one can receive self-realization even through the Internet and feel it happen on their own central nervous system. That, which has been difficult to achieve in the caves of ancient sages and seers, today is available to everyone – for free. Yes, it is free and Shri Mataji time and again reiterated that we cannot buy our evolution – it is to happen naturally and spontaneously.

When awakened, the kundalini energy fills our inner subtle system and spontaneously leads us into the state of meditation by balancing, aligning and normalizing the working of our energy system. It balances us by removing the causes of many deseases, emotional and mental disorders and gradually establishes peace, satisfaction and harmony within and without.

Intrigued or interested? You can try self-realization right now as you sit in front of your computer.

Kundalini cures you, she improves you, she bestows all the blissful things upon you. She takes you away from the worries of grosser level.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri Mataji, being a unique personality, who brought such a fundamental discovery to every one of us, rarely talks much about herself. She would rather have us know and realize who we are. Her life now is entirely devoted to helping human beings realize their potential and you can learn how she treaded this path in this short biography of Shri Mataji.