Why Meditation

So what is the value of this state of meditation? Why would we want to feel it?

Consciously or unconsciously, every human being on this planet seeks the lost paradise – a continuous state of joy, peace, and harmony with ourselves and with the world.

lotusIn each of us there is an innate desire to become better, to attain a higher state of consciousness.

On the other hand, the incessant speed of the modern life leaves many of us in dire need of relaxation from all the stress and complexity that bombard us. We all try to maintain the work-life balance and to enjoy life in its full measure.

Proper practice of meditation techniques is extremely effective for these purposes – they have a profound impact on our state of mind, body and overall well-being.

If properly established, the state of meditation brings a stable state of peace and satisfaction within ourselves – the state which very few of us are able to feel within our lives.

Meditation also has a direct impact on the clarity with which we think, on how creative we are regardless of what it is we are doing in life and on our overall level of energy.

Here are some of the benefits which we all can realize through meditation:

  • Inner peace and silence giving more focused attention and concentration and a calming influence on everyone around us.
  • Stress management through raising own our stress resistance and by changing our reactions to things that disturb us.
  • Freedom from habits and addictions; effortless emergence from dependence without going through withdrawal symptoms.
  • Improved health happens when the imbalances leading to the diseases are cleasned from our subtle system.
  • Changed priorities, we start to discover our own inner source of self-motivation, self-respect and enthusiasm for life.

The state of meditation is easy to achieve nowadays through simple Sahaja Yoga Meditation techniques. Through these techniques, we can now experience and understand the nature, the process and effect of meditation on our own being. But first, let us learn what meditation really is.