How to Progress

If you have already had the experience of Self-Realization and would like to learn and experience more, this section is for you.

He who knows others is wise; He who knows himself is enlightened.

Lao Tse

Meditate and Experience Your Self

What has been described so far is only the beginning of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. All of us who have benefited tremendously from its practice on a daily basis have started in the same way, by feeling a cool breeze above our head and wanting to find out from where it has come. Some of us felt peace, some of us felt joy, but we all wanted to explore it and find out more about it.

Meditation is the way to do it. Sahaja Yoga Meditation techniques are extremely simple and natural. You will not need to stretch you body in any uncomfortable way or perform difficult exercises. Moreover, very little effort is required to experience the state of meditation because it is spontaneous.

Attend Our Public Programs

The most effective way of experiencing meditation is through our free public programs. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is collective by nature as human beings are. Nothing can replace the direct interaction, knowledge sharing and experience of meeting other people who have been learn and mastered the techniques and who can give advice and suggestions that will help your meditations. Sahaja Meditation cannot be learned from books because it is a living knowledge – it has to be experienced directly, in a collective way.The deepest questions can only be answered through our own direct experience and meditation.

Learn Meditation Online

In case you cannot come to public classes for meditation, this site contains some tools for you to progress further and to learn simple meditation techniques. A set online meditation lessons will teach you simple meditation techniques and provide step-by-step tutorials how to apply them. Once you master them, you can use them in your regular meditations and structure your own. In order to interpret your experiences, you can browse through our Meditation Resources where you can learn about our subtle systemvibratory awareness, various cleansing techniques, music, etc.

We invite you to try online guided meditation lessons.