We offer free programs to individuals and institutions. Our programs help establish and maintain inner peace and satisfaction, alleviate anxiety and depression, reduce stress and tension and promote better work-life balance. But most importantly, they help us to connect to our own self, to realize the potential hidden inside, and to enjoy life. The programs are structured according to the needs of the attendees. They have been held in many corporations, social institutions, schools and colleges, local libraries and park districts across the country and all over the world.

Programs for Individuals

There are two types of classes we offer to individuals who would like to learn Sahaja Meditation and realize all the benefits of it.

Our programs are held in various locations which you can find in our schedule.

Programs for Corporations

Our programs for corporations normally focus on stress management and stress reduction. Our programs have been held in many companies such as Motorola, … offering employees effective and simple methods of reducing stress, improving their ability to focus and be effective in their work, maintaining a healthy work-life balance and remain motivated.

We invite you to read more about our corporate programsand contact us should you wish to invite us to hold an introductory session in your company.

Programs for Schools and Colleges

Many school systems, colleges and universities are making great efforts to encourage the wholesome and healthy development of their students’ personalities, in addition to providing their academic education. Peer pressure, low self esteem and the desire to “fit in” challenge our young people and often lead them into self-destructive behaviors such as drug and alcohol use, smoking and other harmful habits. There is a strong and immediate demand for methods to help teenagers and youngsters of all ages maintain their balance and develop into healthy personalities.

Sahaja Meditation offers flexible relaxation and meditation programs for students to learn simple techniques which they can use in everyday life.

Programs for Social Organizations

Today, we are facing a myriad of forces of disintegration in societies world-wide. We face wide-ranging issues that include frustration, aggression, depression, substance abuse, crime, teenage pregnancy, violence among kids, homelessness, domestic violence and others. These issues seem to be insurmountable, but there is a very simple solution.

Learn how our social programs have been used in many organizations to achieve tremendous results promoting personal growth and transformation.