Vibratory Awareness

We are made like a Divine computer with everything built-in within us that is needed to exercise wisdom and discretion about what is good for us and what is not. After we experience Self-Realization, this inner potential for wisdom, discretion and subtle understanding is awakened within us and becomes a part of our life. Like senses of sight, smell and taste are spontaneous and natural to us and we use these senses without thinking about them, a new sense becomes an integral part of ourselves.

This awareness comes though the feeling of “vibrations”. Vibrations are the manifestation of the Kundalini energyafter it has been awakened. So how can we use these vibrations and what is the use of being attuned to them?

It turns out that all of our problems, be it a physical or mental illness or an emotional disorder, are nothing but the result of a prolonged imbalance in one or more of the subtle energy centers (chakras) or left and right energy channels. If we can feel the state of our subtle system and detect such imbalances early on when they are initially triggered, and if we can cure the imbalance at the energetic level, we can prevent many problems in our being long before their onset.

Chaitanya (vibrations) is the integrated force of your physiological, mental, emotional and religious selves.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

This becomes possible after Self-Realization. As the Kundalini energy awakens within us and pierced through the seventh energy center, we start feeling vibrations through our central nervous system. At the outset, we feel vibrations most prominently on the palm of our hands. The palm in itself is like a barometer of the state of the energy centers within us and within others. This is the instrument by which we can develop our wisdom and discretion if we listen to it carefully.

Each part of the palm corresponds to a certain energy center along our spine. The sensations of gentle cool breeze on a finger that corresponds to a particular center indicate a balanced and clear state of the center. On the other hand, a sensation of tingling, heat or burning indicates a subtle imbalance on that center which can be removed though regular meditations and simple Sahaja Yoga Meditation techniques. If you feel certain sensations on your palm after realization, it is easy to interpret them – just use our subtle system guide and learn what brings our chakras into balance and what harms them.

There are many medical professionals in England, Russia, India, Australia, and North America who are studying the health benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation and its positive role in alleviating a host of illnesses.